Aintree Plastics - Environmentally responsible

Polythene is the starting point for our production at Aintree Plastics and because it is a monolayer material it’s ideally suited to recycling.
Because we take recycling seriously we have the necessary on-site plant required to take all of the primary waste material from our production process and reuse it. More importantly we have invested in a reclamation unit that allows us to buy in and recycle waste materials from other suppliers.

Because our infrastructure includes the ability to recycle we can offer our customers the choice of using recycled materials (regran) where appropriate, limiting environmental impact and offering economic benefits to our customers.

An environmentally friendly product.
Polythene sheets, bags and sacks are the most flexible and versatile wrapping and packaging medium, with huge advantages that make them the preferred choice in almost every situation imaginable.

recyclingIt is..

  • Flexible
  • Strong
  • Clean
  • Waterproof
  • Versatile
  • Easily recycled

We are committed to the environment

  • Our Environmental policy limits the impact of production
  • Recycled option always available when appropriate
  • Long term investment in recycling facilities