Aintree Plastics manufacture a range of films which are used in a vast array of applications, a few of which are listed below:

  • Collation Shrink
  • Form Fill and Seal
  • Deep Freeze
  • Mailing and Security

In addition to the sheet films applications listed above, we are able to supply film in all the following forms:

All of the above are available and can be formulated to your requirements for colour and specialist properties such as anti-static, ultra-violet protection and paper match properties.

Aintree Film products are supplied in 2 formats:

FORMAT 1: Lay flat Tube

Lay-flat tubing is a continuous tube of polythene, flattened and wound onto a solid cardboard core, and is ideal for packaging items of varying length.

Gussetted tube tends to have a squarer profile when opened, and thus is ideal for packaging bulkier items. The maximum width available in gussetted tube is also wider than that of lay-flat tube.
Aintree supply lay-flat tube either non-gussetted (standard) or gussetted in any width from:

Non-Gussetted: 254mm to 1700mm
Gussetted: 254mm to 2300mm


FORMAT 2: Sheet

Single-Wound Sheet
Sheet is polythene sheet (either single or double) wound onto a cardboard core. Although primarily used with automatic packaging machines, it can be used for hand packaging of small items.

Double-Wound Sheet
Variations on the wound sheet are centre-fold, where the 2 sheets remain attached along one edge, creating double width sheet, and the J-fold sheet where a section is removed from the upper sheet to create different dimensions for the upper & lower webs.

Centre-Fold sheet J-Fold sheet
Aintree supply sheet in a number of different formats, and widths:
Single wound sheet 150mm to 1600mm
Double wound sheet 150mm to 1600mm
Centre fold sheet 300/600 to 1600/3200mm
J fold sheet 300 to 1600
Embossed sheet 150mm to 1500mm


Please contact us so we can assist you in creating a product to solve your specific packaging solutions.